Productivity Sweet

The Business Operating System (BOS) to manage your company.

Customer Management

Every business needs to store customer info, but end up with data strewn across spreadsheets or siloed in countless SaaS products.Bring everything together under one roof and gain a clearer picture of your company.

Process Management

Standard CRMs force companies into their one-size-fits-all offering, making every business a carbon copy of one another.Convert the processes that make your business unique into software that works on your terms.

Using #NoCode to build the next generation of apps and services

Productivity Sweet provides a single interface to build your business. Pay one monthly fee for an app that replaces several overpriced services like CRMs, task management tools, and email automation. No more per seat charges, everything is bundled together so you can run your business for a flat $99/month.When your business becomes big enough, upgrade your app to a custom domain that looks like it was developed by a team of expensive developers.As you continue to scale, there will be a need for even more customization. Productivity Sweet replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies by offering all Custom plans the ability to power-up with Development as a Service for a predictable and set monthly price.

Predictable Pricing

Don't get squeezed by software companies as your business grows. Pay a fair and equitable amount that leaves more revenue for you to invest into your people.



Provides our service within our domain and branded as ours. Your customers will know you're using Productivity Sweet to manage your business.



A custom version of Productivity Sweet hosted on your domain. Add a set number of professional service hours for a predictable monthly price.


We're currently in private beta. Reach out via email to see how we can help your business grow.

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